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Richard Brash

What is Curaçao like?

26th July 2018

Curaçao is and island in the southern part of the Caribbean sea located off the Venezuela coast. Curaçao is part of the "ABC" Islands along with Aruba and Bonaire. It is a constituent country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The official language is Dutch and the local language is Papiamentu. No, Karen and Richard speak neither Dutch nor Papiamentu. Many people also speak the two primary languages as well as both Spanish and English. We communicate mostly in English and occasionally limited Spanish.

Most of the pictures you see of Curaçao will be scenes from the several tourist areas. Contrary to popular belief, Curaçao is not a tropical paradise. Instead, most of the island is desert like and will resemble the terrain found in the southwestern parts of the United States (Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, etc).

There are both wealthy and impoverished areas. While extremes of each can be found, the vast majority live in a very wide middle class. Utilities like electricity and water are not cheap so everybody uses these resources sparingly (The water is safe to drink and toilet paper can be flushed).



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